8 musicians that immediately give you that beach feeling

I guess there is nothing better than listening to music when you just want to turn off the world around you. Listening to music just instantly relaxes me and gives me a feeling of being somewhere else. Depending on the mood the music brings across. And because right now, in between my 439575 assignments and my master dissertation, I’d rather be on the beach, the following artists are definitely the ones I listen to the most at the moment. So, if you want to come to the beach with me (figuratively speaking obviously) then go check them out!

#1 Matt Corby

Google him (or just watch that clip) and you will definitely know why I love him so much. Those eyes. That grin. And yes, even that voice. It’s perfection!


#2 John Butler Trio

The reason why John Butler Trio is on this list, is, that I’ve been listening to the “Australian Jack Johnson” (at least that’s how people like to call him) constantly when I was traveling down the East Coast of Australia in 2010. It’s just pure happiness!


#3 Angus and Julia Stone

Those siblings from Australia’s East Coast are just the embodiment of gypsiness. When you see Julia standing on stage in her long hippie dress next to her gorgeous brother chilling on the box, playing his guitar, you just wish you could jump on their tourbus and live their lifestyle forever.

#4 Andreas Moe

Another good looking singer in this list. But I promise, he’s more than that! This Swedish guy definitely brings across the feeling of full relaxation. Enjoy!


#5 Jordan Miller

Another Australian. I guess it’s their chilled lifestyle that just inspires them to make the best music on this planet. And the weather. Definitely the weather. See, I’m kind of back in Australia in my mind already.


#6 Ziggy Alberts

Australia’s Sunshine Coast brings us this amazing artist. Guitar sounds and a soft voice – perfection.


#7 Edward Sharpe&The Magnetic Zeroes

This song was one of the songs we listened to on a daily basis at the surfcamp in Bali. And it fit the atmosphere perfectly.
On top of them, when you see them live on stage, you’ve instantly feel like you are part of their big, happy hippie family.


#8 Kodaline

Even though I am technically not Irish and just here for a year, I am proud to say that this band is Irish. And even though the weather here is not as great as it might be in Australia, they still find the inspiration to write those beach-y songs. Must be the beautiful Irish nature.


So I guess I could go on and on with that list (ever heard of Milky Chance? Or Mumford and Sons) but I think I’ll stop for now. Maybe one day I’ll make another list. It’s safe to say though, that those bands accompanied me on the best travels of my life but also on some bumpy roads. Because nothing helps more than music does.


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