Photo Friday: Amsterdam

Another Friday and after a while, finally another Photo Friday. Today, the photographs are from one of my favourite cities in Europe, Amsterdam. I wanted to go there to visit a friend on her studies abroad in February 2015 but two weeks before I was supposed to leave, she told me that she’s actually not studying there. For a while, I thought I just wouldn’t go because what am I supposed to do in Amsterdam for 2 days all by myself? (I traveled the world by myself which wasn’t a problem but I did realize that cities for a weekend are a bit harder by yourself than a whole country for weeks.)
After a while I decided to just go with it and I loved it!
Now, almost 2 years later, I went again to visit a friend who actually studies there and I loved it even more. This city is just full of stylish people, romantic little allies and a lot of things to discover!



TIPP: If you want to visit the Anne Frank Museum (which you definitely should, it is one of my favourite museums of all times and she is  one of the most inspirational people of the century for me), you should definitely prebook or wake up early. I went there early in the morning and when I left around 10:30am, the queue probably held around 100 people.


TIPP: Another great museum (especially if you are interested in photography) is FOAM, the photography museum of Amsterdam. We saw a exhibition by Hiroshi Sugimoto (and others) and it was stunning!


Lightning Fields by Hiroshi Sugimoto



TIPP: You probably already know, that Amsterdam is the capital of bikes somehow, so if you want to fit in completely, go and get yourself a bike for your stay! There are bike rentals all around the city, so you shouldn’t have a problem to find one. Make sure not to pay more than €10 a day though!




CAFÉ TIPPS: If you’re looking for cool cafés to hang out and have a break from walking around the canals and little allies, check out the following or go and have a look at this list:

  •  Vinnies. This café might be a bit hipster but it definitely has a great atmosphere and delicious, healthy food.
  • Back to Black. Apparently it has the best coffee around Amsterdam. I can’t say a lot about that since I don’t drink coffee but the chocolate cake and the tea were delicious. Also, it has a great quiet atmosphere to work, if you are ever looking for something like that in Amsterdam!img_0408
  • Koffie Spot. It’s a coffee and juice bar that also offers a few different options to eat, such as sandwiches or baked goods. And it’s pretty central, so perfect for a shopping-break-coffee! img_0351

Looking for a few more ideas where to go for brunch or a beer? Check out this guide to a few cool places in Amsterdam to relax from exploring the city.


There are amazing second hand shops and fleamarkets around Amsterdam as well. Check out on my friend’s blog Vintage Flower for my Vintage shopping guide for Amsterdam!

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