The perks of Berlin, Germany

Whenever I tell people I am from Germany, I get this one reaction: “Oh really? I went to Berlin once, I loved it!” And ever so often, I meet people, who tell me their dream is to live in Berlin for a while. I have to admit, I am not mad about Berlin (living there I mean, I love visiting it), for me it’s just a bit too hipster and a bit too big but I obviously still wonder what does make Berlin so attractive to people all over the world and also all around Germany? I was thinking about what I like when I come visit and I was also talking to some people who actually moved to Berlin for a while. And here are some of the reasons I figured out.

Berlin TV Tower by tinto (flickr)

Berlin TV Tower by tinto (flickr)

1.) The Atmosphere
Berlin has a very special atmosphere. Everything seems to be so relaxed and you can’t seem to find any people rushing around the city like you do in New York for example. And once the first sunny, warm days hit the city, you can find people all around the parks, drinking beer and having a chat. Yes, drinking outside is totally fine in Germany, which makes it a common thing to meet for a “Feierabendbier” how we call it (which basically means “after work beer”) in one of Berlin’s many parks and enjoy the last few bright hours.

Tipp: At Tempelhofer Feld, which was an old military airport, all the hip Berlin people are coming together on a sunny day and skate, drink beer or play soccer. Just the atmosphere I explained above!

Görlitzer Park, Berlin by NeilGHamilton (flickr)

Görlitzer Park, Berlin by NeilGHamilton (flickr)

2.) Constant Changes
Berlin is the incarnation of change. Every day new cafés, restaurants or galleries pop up and new trends are made. And along with that comes the opportunity for you to constantly change and work on yourself.

3.) It’s all so cheap
Berlin is, compared to all the other major cities around Europe that might be attractive to young people, rather cheap. Not only do you find comparably cheap places to stay but also Kebabs or whole pizzas for €3.50. You can only imagine how much a bottle of beer costs then!

Tipp: There is a Pizza place (Pizza Dach) and a Kebab place (Döner Dach) at Simon-Dach-Straße (in Friedrichshain) where you can get a whole pizza/ a whole Kebab for 3.50 €!

Pizza for €3.50 in Berlin by Lisa Krüger-Franke

Pizza at Simon-Dach-Straße by me

4.) Multinationality
Nowhere else I’ve heard so many different languages walking down the street than in Berlin. Sometimes you even walk into a Café and the waitress speaks better English than she does German. And that’s not because I am in the touristy areas, just somewhere around Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain, the “hipster” places of Berlin. Because everyone is drawn to Berlin, everyone around the world wants to live there for a while and Berlin welcomes them with their arms open.

5.) Room for creativity
Just like Berlin is open for everyone who decides to live there, it is also open to every kind of art form people want to practice. The city is full of graffitis, pop up galleries or small concerts for local bands. This room for creativity is also really appealing for people around the world to just come to Berlin, live freely and pursuit their art.

Streetart in Berlin by Lisa Krüger-Franke

Streetart in Berlin by Lisa Krüger-Franke

6.) Working opportunities
This room for creativity leads to the fact that Berlin is filled with Start up companies and it seems like every day new ones are added to that. “I’m going to Berlin to do my own thing” is something, especially Germans have to hear all the time. And this multitude of Start ups but also the multitude of medium-sized companies gives people a great opportunity to just go to Berlin and “do their own thing”.

7.) Nightlife
Berghain, Watergate, Tresor. Those are just a few names of clubs that make the hearts of electronic music lovers skip a beat. Because, beside being known for the hardest door in town, Berghain is also notorious for a great night (or maybe day-night-day) out.

So, in general, I need to admit, Berlin really does have a certain appeal to it. But trust me, Germany has so much more to offer than the inside of a Kebab shop in Friedrichshain or Berghain’s hard door. Give it a try! (You can always go back to Berlin.)

Make sure to keep following my blog, since I am going to introduce you to some cool things to do in Munich and a few places to check out in Hamburg very soon!

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