Dublin Cafés: Bibi’s Café

Like I’ve promised you last time, Dublin definitely has some parents-friendly places to Brunch. Bibi’s Café in Dublin 8 is one of them.

The place’s interior reminds me of a winter garden in a country house with a lot of wood, mint green and little details all around the place.


The food is great as well, obviously. Besides different yummy Brownies, like Cheescake Brownie or Peanut Butter Brownie, they also have good poached eggs (all day!), Sandwiches (my friend said it was the best ham and cheese sandwich she’s ever had) or soup. So whatever you feel like, Bibi’s has it.


Even though it’s not a walk-by kinda place, because it’s in the middle of a residential area in Dublin 8, the place is always packed, especially around breakfast and lunch time. So bring some time, in case you have to wait or book in advance. By the way, this doesn’t take away from the service, they are mostly friendly, helpful and quick.

Picture above: Bibi’s Cafe Website

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