Think about what we could do

I’m mad about books. I’ve always been. Especially when stories make you think and question yourself.

For easter, my mum gave me a book called An invisible thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tresniowski. And I’m hooked. And it definitely made me think about life and people’s actions.

Shortly about the story: Laura Schroff is a successful business woman living in New York in the 80s. One day she gets stopped by a little kid (11 years old) who’s begging for money. She just walks past because it happens daily in New York. But after a few metres, for some reason, she turns around, walks back and invites the little kid to McDonalds. And that’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship between two social classes that wouldn’t happen on a regular basis.


Cambodian Child by me

And it made me think. Actually it made me think about two things. But I guess I’ll talk about one of them first. Privileged societies. I know, there has been too much written about how important it is to stop for a while and appreciate what you have. And that’s true, it really is. But this book just brings it to the next level. A lot of her friends and colleagues are doubting her and her decision to take on a friendship with the little guy, because his life is just so different to hers. And she just continues because for her, it does feel right.

And it’s so nice to read that for a change. Because yes, so many people out there are talking about how lucky we are, living in a society where we have so much and in countries where there’s so little threats. And how we should try and help others, to be able to enjoy that lifestyle as well. But how many of us really do? How many of us work in a soup kitchen at christmas? How many volunteer at refugee halls?
I think the biggest step most people take out of their happy-society-bubble is to gather all their unnecessary belongings, such as clothes or shoes, pack them into a box and ship them off to Haiti, Nepal or any other country that just suffered a horrible environmental disaster. And don’t get me wrong, I think this is the least we can do. And unfortunately, I have to admit, that it’s all I do most of the time.

But I really do hope that more people take Laura Schroff as their role model and make the effort to stop for a second, see the misery in someone’s eyes and just, all doubts aside, help to make this person’s life a little bit. Even if it’s just with a smile, a coin or a cookie.

P.S.: I’m not saying I’ve never given a homeless person any money. But I think you get the point. And it also has to be added, that Laura Schroff had a tough childhood herself (which is explained in the book as well) and she might feel more connected to a child in need but that doesn’t make it less of a goal for the people in this world to reach.

8 musicians that immediately give you that beach feeling

I guess there is nothing better than listening to music when you just want to turn off the world around you. Listening to music just instantly relaxes me and gives me a feeling of being somewhere else. Depending on the mood the music brings across. And because right now, in between my 439575 assignments and my master dissertation, I’d rather be on the beach, the following artists are definitely the ones I listen to the most at the moment. So, if you want to come to the beach with me (figuratively speaking obviously) then go check them out!

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Photo Friday: Amsterdam

Another Friday and after a while, finally another Photo Friday. Today, the photographs are from one of my favourite cities in Europe, Amsterdam. I wanted to go there to visit a friend on her studies abroad in February 2015 but two weeks before I was supposed to leave, she told me that she’s actually not studying there. For a while, I thought I just wouldn’t go because what am I supposed to do in Amsterdam for 2 days all by myself? (I traveled the world by myself which wasn’t a problem but I did realize that cities for a weekend are a bit harder by yourself than a whole country for weeks.)
After a while I decided to just go with it and I loved it!
Now, almost 2 years later, I went again to visit a friend who actually studies there and I loved it even more. This city is just full of stylish people, romantic little allies and a lot of things to discover!

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The perks of Berlin, Germany

Whenever I tell people I am from Germany, I get this one reaction: “Oh really? I went to Berlin once, I loved it!” And ever so often, I meet people, who tell me their dream is to live in Berlin for a while. I have to admit, I am not mad about Berlin (living there I mean, I love visiting it), for me it’s just a bit too hipster and a bit too big but I obviously still wonder what does make Berlin so attractive to people all over the world and also all around Germany? I was thinking about what I like when I come visit and I was also talking to some people who actually moved to Berlin for a while. And here are some of the reasons I figured out.

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A few places to get great animal photos

When I’m traveling, I love to take photographs of whatever comes in front of my lens. And  a lot of that are animals. Mostly wild animals, that are typical for the area I’m in. Because honestly, animals are just amazingly beautiful and great photo motives.
But some people overdo it. Remember the story from earlier this year, where people took a dolphin out of the water to take a selfie with it? And just earlier this month, another story occurred, where a woman picked up a swan to take a better selfie – and killed it.

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