A weekend at the Spa: A time to forget your daily life

For a very long time now, my family and I spend our Easter Weekend in a Wellness hotel close to Berlin, more precisely in Brandenburg’s Spreewald, called Zur Bleiche Spa&Resort.

And since Easter was just last weekend, it means I just spent a magical weekend at that place. And I realized once again that a Spa weekend is sometimes all you need.
Right before I left on the trip I had way too much on my mind. Problems with friends, too much college work and all those things girls like me constantly have on their minds. This is one of the reasons why I knew I needed to get away and just stop thinking for a weekend. So there was no better timing for Easter to come!


One of the best rooms at Zur Bleiche Spa&Restort by me

One of the best places about this hotel (and hopefully most other Spa hotels), there is no Wifi. They do have a business meeting room where you can get wifi and they offer wifi in the lobby but there’s really no point. No Wifi means no distractions and freedom for your own thoughts. And trust me, for a weekend this is divine! Obviously I do have my phone and I do have internet on that but to be honest, from Day One on I keep on forgetting my phone in the room. Not on purpose but I still just leave it there. (Which also means that I didn’t take enough pictures to show you for this blogpost.)

One thing, that makes all Spa Hotels priceless: The treatments. This feeling of just letting yourself go for a certain time and enjoying a facial, a massage or a manicure without having to rush back to work right after it beats everything.
Afterwards you can just wander to the pool area, lay down on one of the most comfortable couches ever and read your book or simply just fall back asleep. (Most of the time I choose the second option… It’s too tempting.)

I could go on and on what makes this hotel or any Spa weekend so special but I think it’s mostly that atmosphere which is just too hard to describe. But trust me, that hotel I’ve just been to is a temple of piece and quiet and afterwards I feel like I’ve been on holidays for at least a month. Like I said: PRICELESS.

Like I’ve already mentioned in so many of my articles before (and I have to remind myself of that constantly as well): We think too much and we do too little for ourselves. Obviously thinking about your feelings and maybe sharing them with your friends helps a lot, because without reflection you can’t work on yourself, but still, just having some time for yourself away from everything that reminds you of the stressful parts of your life is sometimes all that’s needed. And I’m not telling you to pack all your stuff and just leave for a Spa weekend but what about an appointment at the hairdresser? Or getting your nails done? It’s the little things in life. Just treat yourself every once in a while.

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