Travelers’ Tales: It’s a small, small world

I guess, when you are traveling, you realize even more, how small the world actually is. And it amazes me every time, how everyone is somehow connected through one or more people.

But here’s a story I witnessed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia one day that tops all the “How small is the world”-stories by far.

One night, we were all sitting in the rooftop bar of our hostel (Mad Monkeys, Tipp!) and were chatting along when two girls told us their story that left me speechless for a second. To start with, one of them was from South America, one from Europe, both in their early 20s.
They met in their room in the hostel earlier that day and were getting along instantly. Both of them felt like they’ve seen each other before but just couldn’t figure out where and how it would be possible.

As the day went by, they both went on with their sightseeing and relaxing but one of them just couldn’t stop thinking about it. After a while she messaged her mum to send her a picture of that girl she met on a skiing trip when she was a child and was pen pals for a few years. And voilà – it was actually her! A few thousand miles from home and a few years later, those two pen pals ended up in the same hostel room in a city full of hostels in a country full of backpackers.

Gotta love traveling. And this small world.


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