Travelers’ Tales: A night with a Campervan

One of my first big trip ever was Australia in 2010 right after high school. Me and my best friend went to Sydney, worked there for about 2.5 months and then traveled along the east coast (maybe also north coast. who knows.)
For the trip along the coast we decided to rent a campervan. It was one of those vans with a tent on top of it, since we were four people (two friends joined us for that). Unfortunately, at most camp sites you payed a certain amount for two people (which was always around 25-30$) but then you had to pay extra money for every additional person (which was mostly around 15$).. Well, obviously that would have brought us up to around 60$ every night and we definitely weren’t willing to spend that much. So every once in a while we pretended we were only two people in the van so we had to pay less. So far, so good.


One night, during the easter weekend, we went to Byron Bay. Obviously, all the places were packed and we arrived pretty late so we almost couldn’t find a spot. Finally we got to a place where they still had a camping spot so we decided to go for it – with two people again obviously, especially since the prices were horrendously high (I don’t remember the exact amount..).

Well, we set up the beds inside and then the two boys decided to go out and me and my best friend just wanted to have a quiet girls night. After a while, this guy came up to us, asking how many people were sleeping in our car and that he could have sworn, he saw two guys setting up the beds earlier.. Well, busted.

We then had to pack up our stuff super quickly and get out of there. (I’d say it was around 10pm by then.) After a few minor problems, we ended up somewhere in front of a construction side and slept there. Early morning bathroom trips with ten pairs of construction worker eyes on you aren’t the most comfortable thing, I gotta admit.

Sidenote: Wild camping in Australia is forbidden and there are pretty high fines on it. Back then, there was no smartphone (at least not one that worked in the middle of nowhere) to check out closer and cheaper options, but for everyone who is doing the same trip now and wants to avoid stories like that but also high fines: Check out WikiCamps, an app that shows you the best options to stay over night around you, all over Australia.

Photo above by KelvynSkee (flickr)

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