Dublin Restaurants: Taco Taco

Taco Taco has moved and is now located close to Stephen’s Green. Since I haven’t had time to try out the new place, I can’t tell you much about the interior of it, so some things in this post might not be quite right anymore. I’m sure the food is just as delicious still though. 

When I first stepped foot in this restaurant, I was instantly reminded of a brunch I went to in New York once. This cool, relaxed atmosphere with loud music, fancy people and delicious cocktails on a Sunday morning is exactly what New York is famous for – in the middle of Dublin.


Look at those tiles!

Taco Taco is a restaurant in Dame Court, so in the middle of the hipster area of Dublin, and offers Brunch on the Weekend, Lunch Monday to Friday and Dinner every day of the week. I haven’t tried their Dinner yet, but judging from the food for both Brunch and Lunch I bet it’s delicious!

As the name probably gives away, it is a Mexican restaurant but it’s not your typical Burrito place like you can find them en masse around Dublin. Their food is influenced by a few other cuisines, so it gives it all an interesting, different touch. I’d try to explain it to you but I’d say you better just try it out yourself – and be convinced!


Brunch: Crabcakes, Poached Eggs, Sweet Potato Fries and Aspargus

Their interior is pretty cool and hip with a chalkboard wall on one side that is full of drawings and lettering. The most beautiful part though is their bar which is tiled with the most gorgeous ornamented tiles!

All in all I’d say if you are looking for a cool Saturday or Sunday Brunch with your girls you’re definitely right here. It might not be something to bring your parents, but stay tuned on this blog since I’m going to introduce you to some more brunch places throughout my time here in Dublin that are definitely worth bringing your parents to!


You can find Taco Taco, along with all other restaurants I introduce to you on my blog, on my Where to eat & drink map here. You’re welcome :

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