Peru: My hike up the Machu Picchu

I’ve already fed you with a few of my favourite photographs I took throughout my two weeks stay in Peru. I gotta say, the whole time over there was breathtaking and super interesting, I hope I can go back one day and see a bit more of that beautiful country. But one thing that was one of my favourite experiences throughout those five months I was traveling the world, was Machu Picchu.

When we arrived in Cusco, we had to make a decision – hiking the whole Inka Trail or taking a bus closer to Aguas Calientes, to walk along the train rails into the city and take a bus early the next morning up to the ruins? Because it was rainy season and we weren’t really keen on sleeping in soaking wet tents with soaking wet clothes, we decided on taking the bus-option. So we arrived at the train rails, walked for about 2 hours (in the pouring rain!) along them, took some beautiful photos and ended up in our hostel, (which was called Supertramp Hostel by the way and is hereby highly recommended by me), in Aguas Calientes in the evening. After a long shower and a warm meal we just went to bed, because we decided to wake up early around 5:30am the next day.


Along the rails to Aguas Calientes

From Aguas Calientes you can take a bus up to the ruins and back down again or you can walk one or both of the ways. We decided to take the bus (because it was obviously way too early to move) with our lunch in our backpack (the hostel offered this and it’s a pretty good thing to do, since you’ll be hungry after all the hiking for sure).

It was really rainy and misty in the morning and we were a bit disappointed because we thought it’d stay that way for the rest of the day but I gotta say, I even got sunburnt after a while!


Steps all the way to the top

Going up the Machu Picchu, which is one of the two mountains around the ruins, was one of the hardest things I’ve done so far. When we were still in the hostel in Cusco a girl said to us “it is a bitch of a hike but worth it” and to be honest that puts it all in a nutshell. I feel like we made a break after every 5 steps because up on around 2,500 meters above sea level it’s not that easy to just walk up those stairs anymore. One of the guys we met on our bus tour even quit after a while because he just couldn’t do it. So be prepared, it definitely IS a bitch of a hike. I mean, I am not the most sporty girl, but I thought my fitness was in a decent place at that time. But yeah, I was wrong.


Arrival at the top

Well, like I said. In the end it was worth every step up there and every little break we took. Because arriving up the top of the mountain is nothing you can explain to anyone. It is this sudden feeling of pride of yourself and also of everyone else you meet up there. You feel like a little elite group that has the privilege to share this view on this particular day. It’s hard to describe. But it’s worth it.


It’s worth every fucking step

Little fun fact: When we finally got back to the hostel (we walked all the way down to the village in the end), we decided we wanted to get food. I remembered a place down in the center of the village (which is full of tiny little steps and hills) which we wanted to check out. Well, nice try, we got as far as next door because our legs were so sore that we weren’t able to take more than 3 steps down. But once again: Worth it!


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