A weekend at the Spa: A time to forget your daily life

For a very long time now, my family and I spend our Easter Weekend in a Wellness hotel close to Berlin, more precisely in Brandenburg’s Spreewald, called Zur Bleiche Spa&Resort.

And since Easter was just last weekend, it means I just spent a magical weekend at that place. And I realized once again that a Spa weekend is sometimes all you need.
Right before I left on the trip I had way too much on my mind. Problems with friends, too much college work and all those things girls like me constantly have on their minds. This is one of the reasons why I knew I needed to get away and just stop thinking for a weekend. So there was no better timing for Easter to come!

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Travelers’ Tales: It’s a small, small world

I guess, when you are traveling, you realize even more, how small the world actually is. And it amazes me every time, how everyone is somehow connected through one or more people.

But here’s a story I witnessed in Phnom Penh, Cambodia one day that tops all the “How small is the world”-stories by far.

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Tipp: Lynn Canyon Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park’s cheap (aka free) brother

When going to Vancouver, a lot of people tell you, that you really need to go see the Capilano Suspension Bridge because it is breathtaking and that’s what tourists do around here. I thought about doing it, because it’s in some kind of a park, I love nature and I feel like I always wanna do whatever you are “supposed to” do in a city. (I know, this is not always the right way to do it, but you know… FOMO)
BUT, it is over 30$ (30.95$ for students and 37.95$ for adults) and I gotta say, I don’t know if this is really worth it?!

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4 “Travel safe” tips, just to make sure

Girl went missing in ThailandBritish woman killed and two in hospitalin hospital after scooter accident.
Recently, headlines like that are ruling the media. And those are just the stories that make it that far. When you ask friends or frequent travelers what type of stories they’ve heard throughout their trips, you feel like, especially as a woman, you should never step foot outside your own country ever again. Robbery, rapes, accidents – the list is long.
The most recent story might be the murder of two Argentinian girls in Ecuador, which made the hashtag #viajosola and the question if women should travel without a male accompanist go viral.
But I, as a female (solo) traveler, can say that this is not as common as it seems and that traveling without a male isn’t as dangerous as it seems. In 5 months of traveling the world by myself, the worst thing that happened to me, was getting my flip flops stolen – no joke. Because I tried to be cautious and safe at all times. And because of that, I feel like I could give you those four major tips on how to be safe when traveling – especially as a girl/woman.

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Travelers’ Tales: A night with a Campervan

One of my first big trip ever was Australia in 2010 right after high school. Me and my best friend went to Sydney, worked there for about 2.5 months and then traveled along the east coast (maybe also north coast. who knows.)
For the trip along the coast we decided to rent a campervan. It was one of those vans with a tent on top of it, since we were four people (two friends joined us for that). Unfortunately, at most camp sites you payed a certain amount for two people (which was always around 25-30$) but then you had to pay extra money for every additional person (which was mostly around 15$).. Well, obviously that would have brought us up to around 60$ every night and we definitely weren’t willing to spend that much. So every once in a while we pretended we were only two people in the van so we had to pay less. So far, so good.

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Dublin Restaurants: Taco Taco

Taco Taco has moved and is now located close to Stephen’s Green. Since I haven’t had time to try out the new place, I can’t tell you much about the interior of it, so some things in this post might not be quite right anymore. I’m sure the food is just as delicious still though. 

When I first stepped foot in this restaurant, I was instantly reminded of a brunch I went to in New York once. This cool, relaxed atmosphere with loud music, fancy people and delicious cocktails on a Sunday morning is exactly what New York is famous for – in the middle of Dublin.

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Love your Coast

Long, sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water for as long as the eye can reach – this is how we expect beaches to look like. Nearly untouched.
But considering all the, sometimes unfortunately reckless, tourists that just leave their plastic lunchbox and their water bottle on the beach next to their cigarette buns after a long day of tanning, and the people that litter everywhere around the world, especially close to some type of water, this is not the reality anymore.
Animals in the ocean get tangled up in rubbish, that gets flushed into the ocean, or they get killed while mistaking it for food while the rubbish on the land attracts mosquitos to bread and spread diseases.

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