My little guide around Ireland

Like most of you might now, I currently live in Dublin, Ireland to do my MA in Journalism and PR. Even though the course is pretty tough and I am working hard, I try to squeeze in a bit of “Sightseeing” around Ireland, not only Dublin.

So just this weekend I was traveling around Ireland a bit and I thought I might give you some insights and definitely photos about the places I’ve seen around this beautiful, green country so far.

First there’s Glendalough, which is a beautiful National Park just outside of Dublin. There’s a bus going there daily from Dawson Street in Dublin’s city centre or you can just take a car, if you are equipped with one.
The National Park offers a beautiful scenery and a lot of different walking paths for every taste.

About a 2.5/3 hour drive west of Dublin is Galway and 1.5 hours south of it are the Cliffs of Moher. For me, Galway wasn’t as exciting and I think I wouldn’t really go back there, but the Cliffs were super impressive. The winds there are crazy all year through basically but when we were there it was insane. It was sometimes even impossible to make a further step forwards because the wind kept pushing you in the other direction. But it was worth it because the view is beautiful. I think I want to go back there for a sunny day, in case that’s possible.

Dublin’s advantage is, that it is so close to the Ocean, literally just a short ride away – perfect for short day trips. One rainy day we went to Don Laoghaire and even though it was really cold, it was beautiful! We had Brunch at Carluccio’s, Glasthule (which also has a restaurant in Dawson Street in the city) and then just walked along the water for a bit. I’ll definitely also want to go back here in the summer time!

Those were the three main things I did since I live here. Well, I actually also went to Cork on my trip last weekend but I gotta say, I didn’t take any pictures. But it is a nice place, and if I decide to go back I will give you a more detailed description of it along with some photographs!

I also went to Belfast one time last year, as you might have already read on the blog.
And if you are interested in Dublin in general and what it has to offer, keep an eye on my Hometown favourites section, I will introduce my favourite spots in Dublin (and Munich and Hamburg) here on a regular basis.

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