Summertime means Festivaltime

So this Thursday I want to give you a tipp to do something I am doing every summer for a while now and I loved from the very first time I did it: Visit a Festival.

Music for me is a way to escape the daily life and forget all the (small or big) problems you have. And live music is even better. Seeing a band on stage, feeling the music with them and witnessing how much they love what they are doing for a living. It is priceless. And a festival combines that with having fun with your friends, spending a day full of dancing and (a lot of times) sunshine.


KIZ at Spektrum Festival, Hamburg

One of my favourite things about festivals are also finding new bands to love every time. The big, famous bands are always playing in the afternoon/evening so during the day you’ve got time to stroll around the festival ground, looking at the stalls, getting food and stopping at the one or the other stage to fall in love with a new band. And sometimes you (or your friends) have already heard of that one band which is playing during the day and you can’t wait to share it with your festival buddies. And I’ve rarely been disappointed.

Even if you’re not that much into camping outside, especially with the unpredictable weather nowadays, you don’t have to do without festivals completely: There are so many great festivals that offer day passes or are just really close to a city, so you can sleep in your own (or a hotel’s/AirBnB’s) comfy bed.

Here’s a list of the festivals I love or I always wanted to go to.

#1 Southside/Hurricane

It’s a sibling festival, one of them in the south of Germany (Southside) and one of them in the North (Hurricane). The Line-up’s always the same and even though it has changed in the last few years to a bit more mainstream bands, it is still one of my favourite festivals to go. This year’s line-up includes James Bay, Mumford&Sons, The Prodigy, Boy, and many more.

#2 Glastonbury

I still have this festival on my to-go List. Even though I kind of feel like it’s becoming really commercial and ran down by every hipster around Europe. But still. A girl can dream. Last year’s line-up for example included Kanye West, Florence and the Machine and Jamie XX.

#3 MS Dockville

This is one of the festivals you don’t even have to camp at, especially since most of the times it’s pretty muddy considering it’s located in Hamburg, a city which is famous for all those rainy days. What I love most about this festival is that it doesn’t only focus on the musical part but also includes great artists in different fields, such as Poetry Slam. This year Foals will be playing next to Kakkmaddafakka and David August. This festivals is really great for discovering new, smaller bands.


#4 Roskilde

Another festival, I really want to go to one year. It is a festival in Denmark which is always going on for a week in the end of June/beginning of July. This festival also includes a lot of different art forms where everyone can interact or watch artists do their thing. Unfortunately it always happens during the same weekend as Southside is, where I’ve been going for the last six years. So we’ll see if that’ll ever change. The line-up for this year reads Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tame Impala, Wiz Khalifa and Odesza.

So yeah, for me it is the best part of the summer! And I know that summer’s not here yet (unfortunately) but planning is the key when it comes to festivals because most of them are either already sold out or are getting there. So pick your favourite one and get your tickets. You won’t regret it!

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