Something different in London:

I’ve already told you in my list of tipps how to save money while traveling to always look for free things to do. And I’ve found a free walking tour in London, which is just a bit different than the normal walking tours you would find.

Note: It still works on a pay as much as you like basis. And I’m pretty positive that after the tour you will feel like you want to at least donate a little bit of money because, to be fair, your tourguide spends 1.5 hours of his day telling you things that he has told so many times before. At least I wanted to.

But yeah, like I said. Great tour and all. Why? Because it’s not a “London was built thousands of years ago, and here you see the Big Ben and here you see the London Eye” kind of tour but it brings you to the Eastern parts of London and gives you some insights into the world of street art there. And since you then know some of the biggest street artists that left their marks in London, you will recognize their work all over the world.

I’d probably say if it’s your first time in London and you’ve only got a couple of days there, this might not be your first activity to do. But if you’ve been there before or you might even live there, it is definitely something different and interesting to do. I for myself really enjoyed it and I know that my friends, who’s been living in London for over two years now, also felt like she was enlightened by it. You never notice all those different street art forms until they are actually pointed out to you. I’m pretty sure I’ll try to keep my eyes open a bit more now, when I walk around a new city. Or my own.

Book tour: (They also offer some other tours, which I haven’t tried but I’m pretty sure they are cool as well.)


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