Just the other day I was researching for a radio show we did for college and stumbled upon Essena O’Neill again, who you’ve probably all heard of. This 19 year old Australian girl, who quit Instagram and all other Social Media networks because she said it’s not real life. And when researching a bit more, I found so many websites and articles about that topic and about those millions of #goals comments on Instagram. And it made me think.

I am a victim of Social Media as well. And I don’t believe anyone around my age who tries to convince me they were not. When I’m having lunch/coffee/dinner with my friends, the topic of food and diets but also of Instagram pictures we just saw the other day come up constantly. And I won’t take myself out of this, because I do the same. Even though most of my feed is filled with landscape pictures and travel photos, every now and then I follow those girls that seem to have the best life. They live somewhere in the sun (or they are just never freezing and can wear their shorts and t-shirts all year round), they have an amazing body, they have the closet I wish I had and they have this super cute boyfriend. And I envy them. I might not be that person who posts those #hairgoals, #relationshipgoals, #roomgoals comments but I do think like that sometimes.
But I know that it’s not all real life. I know people who have a few more followers than others and I know how people talk about them. And I still know that those “instafamous” people stand in front of the mirror and question themselves, just like everyone else does. Their looks. Their bodies. Their lives. Because unfortunately there are not enough people out there that are genuinely happy with themselves and everything they have. But then there are those younger girls, that don’t know life without Social Media. And they don’t know life without comparing themselves to others. And even though this topic is discussed so much and some people might be sick of it I just needed to say some things about it. Because Social Media is one of the best things that happened to our society, if you know how to use it right and if you know how it’s been used by a lot of people. It is such an easy way to promote your blog or your brand you just started and it’s the best way to keep in touch with your friends all around the world.

So I do feel like it’s not fair to blame it all on Social Media. People, and with that I mean people of every age, need to learn to support each other and be great to each other so that no one even gets to that point of questioning themselves. This is probably a bit utopian but it might be the first step in the right direction. And all of us, but especially younger girls, need to learn how far off from the reality most of those pictures are. Just like advertisements and editorials in fashion magazines are not real life.

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