Edinburgh: A guide to this cute little Scottish town

Most people that go to the UK, go to England. London mostly. But this part of Europe has so much more to offer. Edinburgh for example! It’s not only the capital of Scotland but it also is really cute and beautiful and just worth a visit.

I mean, you might not spend longer than 2-3 days there, because at one point you have seen it all, but it is still worth going, especially if you are into old brick buildings and cobblestone streets. I definitely am. Here are some of my favourite things we’ve done while I was there.

#1 Carlton Hill

This might be the “poorer” version of Arthur’s Seat but you still have a pretty great view over Edinburgh from up there. And it’s just a 5-10 minutes walk up! Walking around the hill you get a good 360° view around the city centre, the harbour area and the ocean. Since I was there in January, it was a bit too cold to stay up there for too long, but I imagine it is beautiful to chill there in the summer with a little picnic or a cup of wine!


#2 Edinburgh Castle

I wasn’t even sure if I should give you this advice, since I didn’t even go in. But it is another place with a great view around the city and the Royal Mall just starts right there, which was the main street in ancient Edinburgh times (and is still pretty cool). So even though we didn’t go in, I am happy we went up there! But for everyone who is planning to actually visit the inside of the castle: It’s 16.50 Pounds for adults.


#3 Portobello Beach

This is the advantage of cities that are so close to the ocean – you can just do a daytrip there. And most of the time it is actually worth it. I didn’t see a lot of the actual town of Portobello, but walking along the promenade, listening to the waves breaking at the beach and watching families with their dogs and small kids running around just calmed me down immediately. And on top of that we had lunch at Beach House, which was super delicious and not too expensive! I’m pretty sure in summer it is the most beautiful spot to have a late breakfast right at the beach.


Those were my three highlights in Edinburgh, but of course there is a lot more to see when you just stroll around the city. There is Princess Street Garden, which is located in the moat of Edinburgh castle and the view from down there up to the Castle is actually very impressive as well. Of course, Edinburgh offers all those typical british shopping opportunity, such as Topshop, Forever 21 or New Look but also a lot of small boutiques where you can find some treasures as well.

And to top this little guide to Edinburgh up, here are some of the places we went for food or drinks, which I really liked and would recommend to you!

#1 Miros Cantina Mexicana

This little authentic Mexican restaurant (or at least authentic for me, since I have never been to Mexico so far) is located at Rose Street, a little street with lots of different cute looking cafés and restaurants. It offers pretty affordable lunch options – and delicious ones on top of that!

#2 The Library Bar

This bar is the perfect spot for students (or poor backpackers) to have a drink, since it has student prices which almost everyone can afford. The walls are all full of bookshelves displaying old leather bound books which gives the whole place a great flair. It’s located at the Student’s Union.

#3 Bentoya

As you might be able to guess from the name, this is a Sushi restaurant. Me and my friend were just randomly googling Sushi places around her house and this one popped up. Apparently it is pretty popular in Edinburgh because for a Wednesday night it was packed. Understandable though, since the Sushi was extremely delicious!

#4 The Milkman

This is a hipster coffeeshop located in Cockburn Street. They don’t really have a lot of seats but if you do find one, the atmosphere in there is just relaxed and quiet and you don’t really feel like you are pretty close to all the noisey downtown streets.

You can find all the restaurants I’ve mentioned above, along with all other restaurants I introduce to you on my blog, on my Where to eat & drink map here. You’re welcome 🙂

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