A few money saving tips when traveling

People always tell me that the main reason they don’t travel is that they don’t have enough money. And I totally understand that, because travelling is expensive, but in case you already booked your main flights, here are some tipps how you can save some money while travelling.

#1 Compare

Once you arrive at your (first) destination, the comparing starts. Or at least it should. A lot of hostels offer trains, busses or different trips with a certain company. But in case you are not in a big hurry to get to the next place, you should walk around the street and compare some other companies that offer the same or similar trains/busses/trips and see if you can get it cheaper. A lot of times hostels raise the prices of the tickets so they earn something from it as well. (Of course comparing also applies for all flights you take, but I guess most of you do that anyways.)

#2 Look for free things to do

Yes, they exist. Start by looking around for nice fleamarkets or beaches or parks to go to. I could spend hours sitting on a bench somewhere, reading a book, writing my diary or watching people. And if you have some coins to spare, you can even get a good tea or coffee to go with it. Oh, and look for some free walking tours to do. A lot of hostels offer it or at least have some flyers lying around. Some of them might work on a “pay as much as you like” basis but if you tell them you are a poor backpacker, they’d probably let you off with just a few coins instead of a few bills. And in case there’s nothing in your hostel, google it, I’m sure it exists, especially in all the big cities.

#3 Eat in the Hostel

Well, I love eating out. And I wouldn’t be able to do without for a whole trip. But at least in more expensive countries I tried to have some breakfast and stuff for sandwiches in the hostel at all times. You can definitely save some money with that!

#4 Don’t go shopping

Well, this sounds like a given to some people but I’ve also been asked how I could go without shopping for such a long time. To be honest, I didn’t, but I tried for most of my trip. Because to be honest, even if you had the money for it, where should you put all the stuff? My backpack was way too full most of the time anyways.

#5 Bargain

No matter if it comes to TukTuks in Asia or a handbag at a market in Morocco – bargain! (I know I said no shopping. But I mean.. you need souvenirs. And sometimes you just need something for your soul.) The prices the locals tell you as a tourist are rarely the same as they would tell other locals. So just try to get the price down a bit. You will probably not get them down to the local price but it might still save you a couple of Euros (or Dollars for that matter)!

#6 Split costs

Well, this might sound weird in case you travel alone but it might even help you make new travel companions or friends. No matter if it comes to sharing a cab to the club, sharing a washing machine because you both only have two white shirts that really need to be clean, or sharing a dish if you are both not that hungry. So saving some money and making new friends – it’s a win win!

#7 Try out things that don’t look that chic

I think I mentioned this before in another blogpost but it’s just so true. A lot of people prefer going into restaurants that look nice and clean from the outside. But especially in countries in Asia or South America those might not be the best ones. And especially not the cheapest ones. So maybe just change your attitude and step into the next local restaurant. You’ll be surprised (hopefully)!

Even with those tips you will probably spend more money than you planned to (at least if you are like me who enjoys her restaurant visit or night out every once in a while) but at least you saved some coins you can throw in your piggybank for your next trip.

Picture by Chris Potter (flickr)

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