Namibia: “Africa for cowards”

In 2012 my parents took me on a trip, I will never forget – to Namibia. I never really thought about Namibia as a country I wanted to go, South Africa was always first on my to-see-list in Africa, but since I rarely say no to any type of trips I found myself on a flight to Namibia. And I’m telling you, it should be on your list for sure! Not only because it’s Africa for cowards (since it’s so much safer than most of the other countries) but also because it has so much to offer. And to prove it to you, here are some of my favorite photos I took during that trip together with some tips.


On the way to the Etosha Park


Middle of nowhere

We rented a car and drove the whole way between the different stops ourselves. Unfortunately, the public transport is not really good in Namibia, so if you plan a trip there, renting your own car the only way to get around really. But be careful, the roads might have unexpected potholes, so drive slowly at any time! (Even my dad tried to do that and he’s normally one for the Autobahn.)


Dunes – Soussuvlei


Just chillin’


My backyard in Soussuvlei


Hot air balloon ride

Even though I almost fainted during the ride (I was pretty sick and it was 5:30am without any food in my stomach) the Hot Air Balloon ride was my highlight during that trip. I really recommend doing one, it is just so peaceful and the view is breathtaking as you can see!


Hot air balloon ride



Our search for the Little 5

Yes, there are not only the Big Five but also the Little 5 in Namibia, namely spiders, snakes and some other crawling animals.


Yes, that’s how giraffes drink


How graceful can an animal be?


Etosha Park

Definitely do a safari! Every Lodge (or Hotel) normally offers tours with a guide, which are really helpful because all the guides keep in touch to tell each other which waterhole is useless to go to and where all the important animals can be found. We did that once but went off on our own afterwards to explore. There might be some time in between where you go from waterhole to waterhole and you feel like all the animals have disappeared but once you get to the right waterhole it’s just worth it!


Favorite. Animal. Ever.




If you are planning a trip to Namibia or any other country in Africa, make sure to check out this blogpost about what to pack and how to plan your trip right!

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