It’s your choice

Do you know how, whenever you are telling people where you are going, they comment on it? How they tell you, that you need to eat here and you need to go there and you definitely should skip this? I sometimes am one of those people as well. I just love to share my findings with people (hence my Thursday’s Tipp category) but I still understand that it should be everyone’s own choice how they experience their trip.

In the long run, everyone has their way of travelling. Some people just need to spend days at the beach (I’m definitely not one of them), some people want to eat food they know in surroundings they are used to from back home and some people don’t care where they are going to sleep the following night. And I do respect and sometimes even admire all the different types of travellers. And I also like to get tipps every now and then about places I know nothing about. Because no one and nothing, not even a Lonely Planet, can give you better tipps than fellow travellers.

But I noticed for myself now that you should sometimes just ignore some tipps, especially the Don’ts. Because to be fair, everyone has the right to travel the way they want to and have their own opinion. But I do, too. And maybe I will fall in love with the place another person couldn’t stop complaining about. Because that’s the beauty of it: Everyone has a different taste.

So I think, above all, you should just follow your instincts. If you feel like the person who’s telling you he didn’t like a certain restaurant/city/sight is normally into the exact same things you are, then plan your trip around it. But if you doubt it, just go anyway. Because the best thing about travelling: If you hate a place, you always have the freedom to leave it earlier than you planned to.


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