Exhibitions in MUC: #JPGMUC

Like some of you might already know, I did my Bachelor in Fashion and Textil Management. And even though I have no desire to work in that industry anymore, I still have a passion for fashion.

Through fashion, everyone can express themselves the way they want to and you can undermine your personality so easily.

One of the biggest fashion designers of the 20th (21st) century (for me but also for the world, I’d say) is Jean Paul Gaultier.

And his exhibition in Munich is my first tip in 2016. Unfortunately, after it was a huge success in Paris already, it’s the last stop of this great exhibition. But if you’re in or around Munich before the 14th of February, you should definitely check this exhibition out.

Not only does it show the extravagant, creative and special designs of Jean Paul Gaultier, that leave you speechless, the exhibition is also designed in a very cool way. So much to discover!

The exhibition takes place at Hypo Kunsthalle, which is in the city center, inside the “Fünf Höfe” and is open every day from 10am to 8pm.




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