What’s next?

2016 will be a challenge in some ways. This year I will finish my master. Hopefully. And this year I will have to find a job where I actually can see myself working in for a longer while.

But 2016 will also bring some more adventures and great experiences I can’t wait for. And hopefully some great new blogpost for you guys. Here are some of my plans.

#1 London & Edinburgh

In about 3 weeks, I’m going to London (and probably also to Edinburgh) to see some friends. I’ve already been to London a few times but I still can’t get sick of the city – there’s just so much to do. Especially when visiting friends, who can show you new spots every time.
I’m more excited for Edinburgh though – I’ve never been there and I’ve only heard good things about it. So finger’s crossed it will be easy to change my flights so I can go to Edinburgh for a few days before or after London

#2 Matt Corby

Have you ever heard of this beautiful creature? He’s super good looking and his voice is just divine. Go check him out, if you don’t know him already.
And with two of my best friends I’ll be able to go see him in Berlin in March. (I’m optimistic here. College could still kill this dream but no. It won’t.)


#3 Spending some time at home

Because I’m only writing my Master dissertation this summer, I don’t necessarily need to stay in Dublin the whole time. Like that, I can spend some more time at home, with my friends and family. Munich in the summertime is just too beautiful.


Summer in Munich

#4 Unknown destination

Even though I don’t even know yet where I’m going, this is the thing I’m looking forward to most this year. After I’m finished with my Masters I want to go travel again, at least for 3-4 weeks. Where the journey takes me is not certain yet, maybe Central America, maybe Asia, maybe Australia. But I’m pretty sure, wherever I’m going, it will be a trip of a lifetime again.

But I’m not only looking forward to those experiences. I’m looking forward to meeting new people, learning more about myself, seeing new places, experiences new things and spending some time with the best people I know. Because it’s not all about the big plans but also about everyday life. Sounds cheesy, but I feel like you should spend everyday as if it was a big experience and make the best out of it. Just because we all deserve to have the best life possible.

So enjoy your 2016 to the fullest, take some chances and do some new, unusual things!


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