Just the other day I was researching for a radio show we did for college and stumbled upon Essena O’Neill again, who you’ve probably all heard of. This 19 year old Australian girl, who quit Instagram and all other Social Media networks because she said it’s not real life. And when researching a bit more, I found so many websites and articles about that topic and about those millions of #goals comments on Instagram. And it made me think.

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A few money saving tips when traveling

People always tell me that the main reason they don’t travel is that they don’t have enough money. And I totally understand that, because travelling is expensive, but in case you already booked your main flights, here are some tipps how you can save some money while travelling.

#1 Compare

Once you arrive at your (first) destination, the comparing starts. Or at least it should. A lot of hostels offer trains, busses or different trips with a certain company. But in case you are not in a big hurry to get to the next place, you should walk around the street and compare some other companies that offer the same or similar trains/busses/trips and see if you can get it cheaper. A lot of times hostels raise the prices of the tickets so they earn something from it as well. (Of course comparing also applies for all flights you take, but I guess most of you do that anyways.) Continue reading

Namibia: “Africa for cowards”

In 2012 my parents took me on a trip, I will never forget – to Namibia. I never really thought about Namibia as a country I wanted to go, South Africa was always first on my to-see-list in Africa, but since I rarely say no to any type of trips I found myself on a flight to Namibia. And I’m telling you, it should be on your list for sure! Not only because it’s Africa for cowards (since it’s so much safer than most of the other countries) but also because it has so much to offer. And to prove it to you, here are some of my favorite photos I took during that trip together with some tips.

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It’s your choice

Do you know how, whenever you are telling people where you are going, they comment on it? How they tell you, that you need to eat here and you need to go there and you definitely should skip this? I sometimes am one of those people as well. I just love to share my findings with people (hence my Thursday’s Tipp category) but I still understand that it should be everyone’s own choice how they experience their trip.

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What’s next?

2016 will be a challenge in some ways. This year I will finish my master. Hopefully. And this year I will have to find a job where I actually can see myself working in for a longer while.

But 2016 will also bring some more adventures and great experiences I can’t wait for. And hopefully some great new blogpost for you guys. Here are some of my plans.

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