I know this blog is all about Wanderlust and Fernweh but there is something about coming home that can’t be beaten by any experience abroad.

I love travelling, I love meeting new people, I love not knowing where i’ll be a week from now. But I also love coming home to the familiar surroundings. It’s got something soothing getting in your car (or your parents car for that matter) and just knowing exactly where you are going. Going into a restaurant and knowing exactly what you can expect. And most of all, meeting your friends who you can just tell everything you want because they won’t judge you, they won’t laugh at you and they will hold you in their arms in case you need it.

And maybe that is also a big part of my love for travelling: Wherever you are going, whoever you meet, whatever happens, you have people back home that are there for you, no matter if they are miles away or just right next to you on the couch.

And this is why I love christmas even more – the homecoming(s).
Have you ever just spent a little time at an airport or a train station? Especially around this time of the year? The love and joy in people’s eyes when they see their loved ones and the effort people put into their welcomes – flowers, balloons, signs. I think I could spend hours in arrival halls and just watch that happiness.

So, even though I am always sad when a trip ends, this feeling of coming home just beats it everytime. And when that feeling wears of just follow my Fernweh Tipps until the next trip’s just around the corner.

Enjoy christmas time with your loved ones!
Picture via Pinterest

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