Side by side or worlds apart


Travelling alone is scary sometimes. And it makes you feel alone sometimes. But I wouldn’t change the experiences I made for anything in the world. And like already mentioned in my article about my love for hostels, there is one thing that just makes you feel less alone and makes you feel so much better after a long day on planes, busses or boats – the people you meet.

There is a beauty in this first moment you see or talk to a person in your hostel room or the common area, when you realize “This could actually be a real friendship”.

And sometimes it is, a friendship for a lifetime. But even if you try to stay in touch after your paths separated but you just can’t because reality hits you and the memories fade, you will never lose that person. Because one thing I realized after all my travels – even though you might be worlds apart and even though you might not talk at all for months or years, when you see each other again, (most of the time) nothing has changed.

So don’t be afraid to message that person you know somewhere on the other side of the world every once in a while. They will appreciate it. And the best part about all of this: you have tourguides and free places to stay all around this beautiful, breathtaking world.

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