‘Tis the season to be jolly

Christmas Time is here and I couldn’t be happier. The older I get the more excited I get about Christmas (again). And here are the reasons why:

#1 Christmas Cookies – I can’t wait to start baking!

#2 Christmas Songs – I gotta admit, Justin Bieber’s Christmas Album was one of my favs last year. My all time favourite songs though are “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey and “Shake up Christmas” by Train. They are so clichee, I know.

#3 LOVE ACTUALLY – No words needed. Can’t wait to watch that movie with my family around Christmas!

#4 Christmas lights – They just make every city look much prettier and happier. They should invent summer lights as well. Lights all year round. I’d love that!

#5 Christmas markets – There’s nothing like standing in the freezing cold with your mulled wine in a little cup, listening to Christmas Songs, talking to your friends and smelling all this amazing food. I don’t know how the markets in Dublin are, but I’ll definitely check them out!

#6 Being lazy – For me that’s all what Christmas is about. Being lazy with my family. Staying in my PJs, watching movies all day long and eating Christmas Cookies. It’s heaven.

#7 Snow – hopefully. I’ve spent Christmas in the heat, in the rain and in weird grey-ish weather. And every time I realized, Christmas is all about the snow for me. Growing up in Bavaria it was just what everyone expected. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen all the time. But I’ll definitely pray for it this year!

#8 Presents – not necessarily presents for me (even though I love that part, too) but especially giving presents. There’s nothing better than seeing someone’s eyes light up because of that thing you bought them months ago when you stumbled upon it. Gifting is one of the best things. Not only on Christmas.

#9 Christmas Ads – they are just too good. Even though a lot of them are bringing tears to my eyes (have you seen the new german Edeka ad?) but I still like watching TV during this time of the year. All time favourite: Coca Cola! Watch last years ad here: Last years Coca Cola ad ❤


Dublin’s Christmas Lights

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