Sharing Happiness

This weekend my parents are here in Dublin for a visit, next week a friend of mine is coming over and I hope there will be a lot more visits happening throughout this year. Because there is nothing better than having people visit the city you live in and you are falling in love with.

This beauty of walking the streets you are walking every day and seeing them through the eyes of someone else. The feeling of showing them your favorite shops, cafés and bars and seeing them loving it as much as you do. Not a lot can beat that.

I would never be mad at people who don’t find the time, money or motivation to visit other people in the cities they choose to live in. But I know how amazing it feels to show your new home around and make other people fall in love as much as you do. And that’s why I try to visit my friends wherever they go. See the places they tell me so much about, meet the people they call their friends and spend a day like they do all the time.

And that’s the feeling why I’m happy whenever one of my friends moves to another city and I’ll book my flight to visit them. Or whenever I’ll move somewhere else and people come visit me. Happiness is just best when shared.


Picture via Pinterest

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