#travel: My favourite Instagram Accounts

For today’s Tipp I thought I’d do something different. I am not a big fan of people presenting themselves or their oh-so-pretty looking food on Instagram but I certainly am a big fan of every single Instagram account out there that shows how beautiful this world is. This is why I want to present you my favorite Instagram Accounts that make me want to pack my bag and travel the world right away.

#1 Vanlifediaries

Because with pictures like that, who doesn’t just want to buy a Campervan, live in there and sleep at the most beautiful spots this world has to offer? I definitely do.

#2 fursty

Choosing only three pictures was definitely a hard task.

#3 lexiweinstein

This Australian photographer (she also has a blog) makes me wish I wouldn’t suck so much at surfing so I could be a cool Surfchick like all those girls in her pictures.

#4 marcokd

Even if he’s not travelling his pictures look like he’s on the biggest adventure. #adventurejealousy

#5 morganmassen

I want to be at the Sea. Now.

I could go on and on because every day there are new awesome Instagram Accounts popping up. But those are definitely my Favorites. Go follow them if you don’t do so already!

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