Hostelworld: Why I love hostels so much

“Really, sharing a bed with 9 strangers? I couldn’t do that.”

That’s just one of the sentences I hear all the time when I express my love for hostels in front of people. I can’t even count anymore in how many different hostels I slept. But I know, that I loved every one of them. Yes, there are definitely downsides to hostels, but I still would chose Hostels over Hotels or AirBnbs anytime. Here’s why:

#1 You don’t feel alone. At least rarely.

Traveling alone can be exhausting sometimes. And you can definitely feel lonely at times, especially when you are waiting at a bus terminal or an airport for hours for your transit. But once you get to your next destination and step into your hostel room all that loneliness is washed away. Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when you just want to be home with your friends, but having a fellow traveler around you makes those times bearable.

#2 You meet all those people who share your passion.

There’s no place like a hostel to meet people who share your passion for traveling and foreign countries. At least not that easily. And meeting those kind of people just makes it so much better. Sharing all your stories, experiences, tipps with each other – nothing can beat that!

#3 Booksharing.

I met a lot of people traveling who brought a Kindle with them, and I really do understand the reason behind it but I still love reading an actual book. The smell of the pages, the flipping of a page hastily because you want to know what happens next… I’m pretty sure that will never stop. And sitting in a Hostel, browsing through that book shelf of books people left behind, makes me appreciate bringing actual books even more. Dear Hostel owners, please never get rid of that!

#4 There are things to do, every day and night.

Well, not in every hostel. But most of the hostels, especially in cities, offer all those great activities, day and night. There’s a trip to the closest waterfall, a pub crawl around the local pubs or a Trivia night. It’s definitely worth a try and another great opportunity to meet all those fellow travelers!

And to complete this Tuesday’s List, I just give you another list. A list of the best Hostels I stayed in so far. Check them out, if you can!

#1 The Spicy Hostels, Thailand

So there’s Spicy Thai (in Chiang Mai), Spicy Tao (on Koh Tao) and Spicy Pai (in Pai) and there are all awesome. Okay, I admit, I didn’t stay at the one in Chiang Mai BUT the other ones are all great! It’s all built like a little village with those small dorm-huts and the outside common area with hammocks and great music. I definitely didn’t want to leave either of those places!


Spicy Pai Common Area by me

#2 Mad Monkey, Cambodia

Another chain of Hostels, one of them is in Siem Reap and one in Phnom Penh. They both have great bars and also restaurants that offer some cambodian, but also some western food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the one in Siem Reap even has a pool! Nothing beats swimming after a hot day strolling around Angkor. They also have another Hostel in Koh Rong and in Kampot, but unfortunately I didn’t get to see those places.

#3 Pariwana Hostel, Cusco, Peru

This Hostel in the heart of Cusco was definitely one of my favorites because of the cute little courtyard with benches, pillows and chairs to gather around with a cup of coca tea (you can get it for free there!). Of course they also have a bar that offers the typical Peruvian Pisco Sour. Unfortunately most of the people just stay there for a night (or two max) on their way to or from Machu Picchu. They do have another Hostel in Lima but I didn’t get to stay there. But I’m pretty sure it’s also great!

#4 Global Village, Belfast, Northern Ireland

That Hostel is not only on the list because it’s the most vivid in my mind since I’ve just been there, I really did love it! The atmosphere was great, the staff was really nice AND they had Netflix. 😀 They also had a Pool Table, a Table Soccer and Beer Pong games at night. And they had the best statement writting on one of their bathroom doors:


Not the best picture by me 🙂

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