Pray for Paris, Pray for Humanity

I actually wanted to write a completely different post at this point. One about how every city has its beauty. This is still true but when something so ugly happens in so many of those cities nowadays, I don’t think this post would be appropriate right now.

You all know what happened in Paris. And you all know why. But I am pretty sure none of you understand why. I definitely don’t. I don’t understand, why people don’t let other people believe what they believe, do what they do and live how they live. The world could be so peaceful if everyone just respected and accepted everyone. Instead people kill people to prove some kind of point and that leads to more killing and the vicious circle will never end.

I already read that opinion on so many channels on Social Media this morning but I still do want to share it as well. Because it’s true. Everyone has to try to make this world a better place. Even if it’s just with a little smile towards a stranger or respect towards a foreigner. Do it. It won’t hurt you and it definitely won’t hurt anyone else. And maybe it helps. I would like to believe in it. Because we have to believe in something these days to still be able to say that the world is beautiful and we are happy to be alive.



Photo by me

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