After I had a little incident with broken glass at a Halloween Party at my house the other night, I started thinking about respect. And that respect is one of the most important things a person should have. Ever. But especially when travelling.

Every country has its own culture. And in every country different things are seen as rude and disrespectful. In Indonesia for example it is considered rude when you touch a person’s head. When I was in Morocco, I was told it is not okay to let my bare feet face a person. In China for example you should refuse a gift three times before you eventually accept it. And I could go on forever about cultural differences.

I know, when people are travelling they just want to see everything that country has to offer and have fun while doing it. And there are people who occasionally just forget that they might be in a country which is totally different than the one they’re from.

Let’s take Morocco as an example again. I know the climate there is insane. During my days in Marrakech it was 40 degrees warm all day long and I was melting away. But still, do you really need to wear your hotpants and crop tops in a Muslim country? Can you not just suck it in and at least wear long pants? No one expects the tourists to cover their whole body and hair but like I said – a bit of respect never hurt anybody.

So, if you are planning a trip any time soon just have a look into the culture there and what you could do to blend in a bit better (at least with your behaviour). Locals might treat you with a lot more respect in return.

And just to come back to the incident with broken glass at my house: Respect still shouldn’t be something you only turn on when you go to a foreign country. Just have it towards anyone you meet, in every state of mind and in every situation. It won’t hurt. And like I said, respect gets respect in return.


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