Soothing this constant Wanderlust

It’s getting cold, winter is just around the corner and all I (and probably most of my fellow gypsies out there) want to do, is leave this place for somewhere far away. But there’s school. Or work. Just something that keeps you from following that urge.

So to help you soothing that wanderlust just a little bit, I thought about some tipps that help me escaping reality every once in a while – even if just for a short period of time.

#1 Books and Music

Books are one of my favourite things to escape reality for a bit. It just sucks you into another world full of people you don’t know and things that could maybe easily, but maybe never happen to you. And especially when those books are about the one thing you miss the most at the moment – the whole wide world. The same thing happens when I listen to music, I just get soaked up by every beat and every word of my favourite songs and forget about the world around me. And the best thing is, if those songs bring up memories from your last travels. I think I have about 50 songs on my Spotify list that just evoke memories of my Around the World trip and bring me back to that day in the mountains, that night I spent dancing barefoot in the sand or that special person I met along the way.


One of my favourite travel music – Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes via Facebook

#2 Making a scrapbook

I think I already mentioned that I am kind of a nerd when it comes to collecting memorable things on my trip. I think I take home 2 kilos of receipts, stickers, flyers or anything else that could be memorable from my trips. And then I make a scrapbook out of it. And sometimes I sit on the floor of my room and stick pictures on pages, write random stuff around it and piece every single day of my trip together again. It helps to cure my wanderlust every time.

#3 Plan trips

Well this is not super helpful if you are broke as f*** but if you still have a bit of spare change somewhere hidden in your room or on your account – use it to book your next trip. Nothing cures Fernweh better than knowing you’ll leave very soon. I just booked a trip to Belfast in two weeks and one to London in January and I instantly felt happier.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-10-26 um 19.51.00

My latest trip-purchase

#4 Go on Daytrips

And if you don’t have any money to book your next trip in advance, just go on a daytrip! I’m pretty sure a lot of you have been to so many foreign countries that you wouldn’t be able to say right away which one was your favourite. But have you actually been to that one lake just around the corner from your home? Have you spent a whole day strolling the streets of that small town where your grandma’s from? Great things are often just around the corner but we always want to go as far away as possible. So maybe you should consider just driving out in the nature and spending a day there. It’s a mircale, how a little bit of fresh air and new surroundings can help!


My daytrip to the Ocean yesterday – gotta love Bank Holidays!

So if you ever get hit by a wave of Fernweh just remember those things. Even if they just help for a few minutes.

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