Great things never came from comfort zones

I gotta admit: I am a bit of a coward. Not always, not in every situation but there are things that just scare the shit out of me. And there are also situations where I think: “Maybe I’m just not going to try that. Everyone’s going to look at me and everyone’s going to think I suck big time.” And sometimes that feeling wins and I’m just staying in my comfort zone. Which I honestly regret almost every time. But sometimes I just think to myself “Fuck it” and go for it. And so far I never regretted it.

I remember when I was in Australia and my best friend wanted to go Surfing so badly. I always thought I’d suck at it and everyone would just laugh at me because I will never even be able to stand up, let alone stay on the board for more than 1 second. But she (alongside 2 other friends AND the surfguide) convinced me to give it a try – and I did it. Well, I still sucked at it and it will definitely not become my favourite type of sport but it was fun. And I even tried it again a few years later on Bali. Just because I felt like you need to try it when you’re there. I twisted my ankle, got sick from the water, ran the fin into my leg so I now have a hole in it and fell down more times than I even stood up but I did it. And that feeling alone was pretty rewarding.

Same with Diving. Like you can read on my last blogpost, I LOVE diving and I would recommend everyone to try it but every time I jump into the water and do the first test run on the surface I get super scared. The last time I tried it, I was on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, and I remember how I begged my Diving instructor to just go back to the shore with me. But he said there was no going back now and in the end it was so worth it. Another reward for me.

And those are just examples. It can be applied to hair colours, outfit, job choices, skydiving, cliff jumping, travelling alone and everything else you could possibly think of!

So what I’m trying to say is, that even though you might be scared or maybe afraid of what people think of you – just fuck it! There will be people talking and there will be scary moments and there might even be some scratches and bruises but there will also be a feeling no one can ever take from you – Pride! And of course, new experiences.

One thought on “Great things never came from comfort zones

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