Thursday’s Tipp: Diving

Ever since I watched „Finding Nemo“ (or maybe even before that) I was thinking about trying out diving, just because life deep down under the surface of this great wide thing we call ocean seemed to be so beautiful. And it is!

I had my first experience with diving at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and it was just stunning.Diving is like leaving reality and stepping into a completely different world. The silence around you once you are under water, no noise at all. It just makes you feel like you are the only one down there, even if there are other people floating around you.

There’s so much to discover, so much variety of fish and plants and other aquatic animals, I could stay down there forever!

To be honest, every time before I go into the water I get scared. Scared of breathing only through this small mouthpiece. Scared of having ear problems. Scared of going up too fast or not fast enough. But honestly, it’s just worth it.

I’m pretty sure I will never do my Open Water Diver’s course because having the responsibility over my own health and life just freaks me out a little. (Call me crazy.) But nothing will stop me from going diving with an instructor anywhere I go. There are so many places I still want to discover under water, like the Maledives, all around Indonesia or the Underwater Museum in Cancun, Mexico. The Bucket List grows!

And if you look at some of the pictures I took some years ago at the Great Barrier Reef you will see what I mean – and maybe put Diving on your own Bucket List as well. It’s worth it!


Great Barrier Reef, 2010


Great Barrier Reef, 2010 – NEMO!


Great Barrier Reef, 2010


Great Barrier Reef, 2010

2 thoughts on “Thursday’s Tipp: Diving

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