It’s all going the right way

Everyone gets to a point in their life where they have to make decisions. And most people are afraid of those situations. It could be a job decision, an apartment issue or relationship troubles.

Trusting your own instincts is somehow a thing not a lot of people are able to do. They always think there’s something better out there waiting for them.

I guess it’s a problem people always had, but the internet and Social Media makes it even worse. Once you go online you can see how much variety there is. All the possibilities are just a click away. The schools you could attend, the flights you could book, the jobs you could apply for and the apartments you could live in. And suddenly your decision feels wrong. Maybe I should have waited? Maybe something better is just around the corner?

But it isn’t. Or maybe it is. But you will never know. And that’s okay.
Maybe I should have applied to more universities for my Master Degree. Maybe I should have researched a bit more what possibilities I had. And maybe I would live in Scandinavia by now (what I actually really wanted). But then I wouldn’t have met all those great people I met here. And I wouldn’t have started this blog because I wouldn’t even study Journalism. And I’m pretty sure there will be more experiences throughout the year that’ll make me realise I made the right decision on moving to Dublin all along.

I think, if you have a dream you should definitely work on making it become reality. Because even though I believe in destiny, I also believe in hard work. But I just think you shouldn’t beat yourself up if things don’t go exactly how you wanted them to go. Because I truly believe things happen the way they do for a reason. And we all are exactly where we’re supposed to be. No what-ifs necessary.

3 thoughts on “It’s all going the right way

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