Cafés in Australia: Max Brenner

For everyone out there who is very healthy and all about #eatclean, cover your eyes and ears please. Because Max Brenner is chocolate heaven.

Back in 2010 when I was in Australia with my best friend we didn’t really know what hit us when our friend introduced us to Max Brenner, the place that sells „Chocolate by the Bald Man“. I think we visited that place about once a week. Yes, we lived a healthy lifestyle.

But it is just so worth it. Chocolate fondue with everything you wish for to dip in, waffles with chocolate sauce, icecream and fruits or the insanely good mud cake. I could go on forever!

So before you already think about going there for your next coffeedate, here’s the bad news: This place only exists in a few countries so far: USA, Australia, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Russia and Korea. Finger’s crossed they’ll open their first shop somewhere in Europe soon! And if you are living in one of those countries or planning a trip there soon: I am super jealous and you should definitely pay it a visit!


Chocolate mud cake aka Heaven


Chocolate madness via

(Judging from their website, Max Brenner decided to also offer Burger, Salads and all kinds of savory food now, but trust me, stick to the chocolate!)

Logo via Facebook

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