The beauty of it all

Every Morning women stand in front of their mirrors, criticizing themselves: too fat, not fat enough, too skinny, not skinny enough. All depending on their heritage, tribe and culture.

Just last week I was talking to a Nigerian girl telling me, how it is normal for women to gain a lot of weight once they are married. It’s a sign that the husband takes good care of his wife. But also for not married girls it is an attractive feature to have a big ass and some curves. (By the way, Nigeria isn’t the only country where that applies.)

In Indonesia being „fat“ means being wealthy. That’s also the reason why so many indonesian men walk around with their shirts tugged in, so everyone can see their big, wealthy belly.

In Brasil it is attractive when girls have a nice butt and big breasts. They even go so far as to have plastic surgery if god didn’t equip them with good enough features.

And then there’s my part of the world. Where the media, the fashion industry and society tells you that it is good to be skinny. To have no breasts at all. To fit into a Size 0. Or to be one of the fit, strong girls which permamently show off their sixpack on Social media. Don’t get me wrong, the ideals are changing at the moment and this is a good thing. But opening up a tabloid or fashion magazine still gives you the wrong impression of beauty standards.

I know I’m the wrong person to speak because I constantly have issues with myself and my body, so this text is also a reminder to myself: The world doesn’t care what you look like. And strong, friendly, self-councious people don’t either.

Of course there will always be someone questioning your looks because every culture, every country and every one has different ideas of beauty and style. But people, especially young girls, should be happy with what they have and present it with pride.

Because out in the wide world you can be whoever and however you want to be, without being judged. Not once in all of my travel experiences I heard someone talk bad about somebody’s hair color, body shape or choice of clothes. All that matters is your strength of going out to explore the world (by yourself or in a group), your ability to speak a foreign language and your sense of adventure.

Because that’s what it’s all about. Personality and Experiences.


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