The Amalfi Coast: A little paradise in Europe

Once we flew into the airport of Napoli and I looked out of the window – I always take the window seat, it’s just too beautiful of a landscape to miss out on it – I already realized: This is going to be a hell of a picture-worthy trip. Clear blue water, mountains, islands. What else do you need?

And the Costiera Amalfitana definitely didn’t disappoint me. And because pictures speak louder than words here are some of my impressions.


The first view of the Coast


Positano – all the way from the top




Fiordi di Furore


View from Giardini di Augusto, Capri


Villa Cimbione, Ravello


Villa Cimbione, Ravello



I am not a big fan of recommending Hostels/Hotels or Restaurants to people, when I haven’t tried a lot of different ones at this place. I also can’t tell you if my way of doing things was the right way. So I’m just going to give you a few tipps on what I did and totally loved about the Amalfi Coast.


Positano is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. The city’s located on a hill which makes the scenery even more diversified with all the different coloured houses along the hill. There’s a windy road going all the way down to Marina Grande, the main beach. This road is seemed by restaurant with the most breathtaking views. I wouldn’t dare to give you any suggestions on restaurants because let’s face it: Italians know how to cook. No matter where you go.


This little bay is just breathtakingly beautiful. The bridge you can see on the picture that is helping to form the arch over the bay is the highway. There is no way to park and the busses also don’t normally stop here but as long as you show them on a picture where you want to go they will be happy to drop you off. And now you are just a few (many!) steps away from enjoying the beauty of the place. And it’s worth it! Even though it was July and the coast itself was full of tourists the small bay provided a peaceful atmosphere, perfect to relax (even if it’s just right at the highway). I would spend every day there if I was living around that area!


The picture says it all: The view from up there leaves you speechless for a while. The garden itself is colourful thanks to all its different flowers, bushes and trees. It’s a little oasis not far away from the busyness of the Piazzetta which you can access for only 1€ per person. (Unfortunately in July 2015 we were not able to access the Via Krupp which is leading from the garden all the way down to Marina Piccola with a view over the same scenery.)


Ravello itself is a small, quiet and peaceful town which apparently hasn’t made it on top of every tourist’s list – which makes it even more special. The heart of this town (at least for me) is the Villa Cimbione surrounded by a ample garden full of small things to discover. The park (from the 12th century) was remodeled by the scottish Ernest William Beckett who later became Lord Grimthorp in 1904, inspired by the history of the town. Today the Villa is a hotel and the garden is still accessible by everyone – thank god!

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