The perks of being a traveller


(all found on Pinterest)

Travelling – the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

I know there are a lot of quotes concerning Travelling. And I know they might sound offensive to those who do not travel (and only see one page.blahblah) And maybe people actually aim for that, when they post them on their social networks.

But for me they are not meant offensive or condescening. I only want people to see how beautiful the world can be. And how much there is to see.

I know that not everyone is priviledge enough to travel like others are. But I also know that it’s possible if you only try. Opening a savings account only for your travels, working your ass off and buying only one ticket at a time – it works.

And right after you step off the plane or train at your (final) destination, no matter if it’s Thailand, Australia or just an one-hour-trainride-away-city, you will see that it’s worth it.

Nothing can beat the feeling you get when you arrive at your hostel/hotel/apartment, see the bed you will sleep in for the next couple of nights and the neighbourhood that’ll surround you. The feeling when you are strolling through foreign streets, finding cute Cafés, hidden allies or stores your travel guide book never tells you about.

The happiness that instantly flows through you. The smile you can not swipe off your face.

Of course travelling is scary. And exhausting at times. But it’s worth it. Every time.

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